Maria J. Rodriguez Colman, Principal Investigator and Associate Professor

Bachelor’s degree in Biology, University of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
PhD in Biomedical Sciences, University of Lleida, Catalunya, Spain

I am an enthusiastic scientist always open for a new challenge. I have studied cellular metabolism, mitochondria and cell signalling in plants, yeast and mammalian models. Currently in my group, we investigate the role of metabolism in the regulation of stem cells, differentiation and in cancer.

Think big, Commit to it and Enjoy the Ride!

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Marlies Ludikhuize, PhD student

During my Master’s at Utrecht University, I performed internships in the Burgering (UMC Utrecht) and in the Zoncu lab (UC, Berkeley). During these internships, I became fascinated by the strong connection between metabolism and cellular signaling. During my PhD at the Rodriguez Colman Lab, I am studying the role of mitochondria in intestinal stem cell maintenance and differentiation. Besides, I also investigate how to target cancer metabolism to enhance the sensitivity to classical anti-colorectal cancer therapies. In my spare time, I love hiking or skiing in the Austrian mountains, cooking and gardening.

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Nguyen Nguyen, PhD student

Since my studies at Leiden University, I have been intrigued by how cancer cells rewire their metabolism to sustain high proliferation, migration, invasion and immune escape. Especially I am interested in molecular mechanisms underlying how these metabolic modifications impact on cell function and cell identity. In our lab, we have established a live cell imaging approach to track metabolic dynamics during organoid development. Our aim is to investigate the contribution of metabolism to stem cell function and to study the metabolic interactions taking place within cells in the tumour. Our research contributes to a better understanding of the mechanisms of cancer cell plasticity and tumor heterogeneity.

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Lotte Burgering, PhD student

I’m Lotte and I am a PhD student in the Rodriguez Colman Lab.

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Sara Shafiei Roudbari, Technician

Hi! My name is Sara and I am a technician in the Rodriguez Colman Lab.

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Former members

Maaike Meerlo, Technician

Mirjam Verbeek, MSc student

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