Deciphering metabolism as a regulator of cell fate

We are interested in how cellular metabolism is intertwined with every process in the cell. We study the cross-talk between cell signalling and metabolism in the context of normal tissue homeostasis and in cancer.

The Research Models and the Tools

In our group we use cell lines and organoids. Organoids are derived from healthy and cancerous tissue and recapitulate in vitro, tissue architecture, cell heterogeneity and the cellular interactions that take place in vivo.

We apply a number of Analytics to our research:
Live imaging of genetic encoded metabolic sensors and cell signalling reporters
Seahorse-based Bioenergetic analysis
Omics-based: Metabolomics, Proteomics and RNAseq.

Time lapse live imaging of mice intestine organoid development. FUCCI reporters depict cell cycle progression. Red signal increases during G1 and decreases in S phase. Green signal is expressed in S phase and G2 phases.